Old Fashioned Fried Salmon Patties

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Salmon patties, a timeless comfort food, bring together the delicate flavors of canned salmon with simple yet satisfying ingredients. This recipe offers a versatile take on crafting these savory patties, allowing you to choose between a crispy fried texture or a more classic rendition. With a blend of tender salmon, aromatic onions, and the delightful seasoning of Bald Buck, these patties promise a delightful harmony of flavors and textures. Whether you opt for the traditional saltine cracker base or the cornmeal and flour blend, this recipe ensures a straightforward yet delicious journey to crafting golden-brown, delectable salmon patties. Perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or as a delightful addition to your brunch spread, these patties are bound to become a household favorite.


  • 1 can (14.75 ounces) of salmon
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup of cornmeal OR 5-10 saltine crackers (or 1 tablespoon of flour if preferred)
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped OR onion powder, to taste
  • Bald Buck Seasoning (Bold Taste Flavor)
  • Oil for frying


  1. Drain the salmon and transfer it to a mixing bowl. Remove any large bones if desired. Break the salmon into chunks using a fork.
  2. Add eggs, chopped onion (or onion powder), and Bald Buck Seasoning to the bowl with the salmon.
  3. For a fried texture:
    • If using cornmeal and flour: Gradually add the cornmeal and flour mixture into the bowl while mixing until you achieve a consistency suitable for shaping patties.
    • For traditional patties: Instead of cornmeal and flour, use crushed saltine crackers. Mix until you attain a consistency that allows you to form patties.
  4. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Once hot, reduce the heat to medium.
  5. Take portions of the patty mixture, shape them into patties by rolling between your palms, and flatten to your desired thickness.
  6. Place the patties in the pan and fry each side until they turn golden brown, which typically takes 5-10 minutes in total.
  7. Once done, remove the patties from the pan and place them on a paper towel to drain excess oil.

Enjoy your delicious homemade salmon patties!

This version aims to clarify the steps and make the recipe easier to follow.

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